Always Moving Forward

More than just a caterer

At BaxterStorey we’re not afraid to make bold decisions. We’re always finding new ways to support our clients and adapt to their changing needs. We never stand still, we are always innovating and developing new products and initiatives. 


BaxterStorey at Home is our newest innovation.

We’ve taken the great food and service we are known for into the homes of our customers, by delivering gastronomic experiences from high street restaurants and renowned chefs.

A passion for food and a genuine desire to please our customers is a fundamental part of who we are. 

We hope that BaxterStorey at Home encourages people to relish the experience of sharing a meal together and fosters a sense of community through the power of food.


We are food lovers creating a force for good, delivering on-the-go meals packed with fresh ingredients, served alongside our bespoke triple-certified coffee.

The Society range offers incredible quality, taste and value. It can be used to compliment on-site production or to create a full service experience.

We collaborate with and support our supplier partners, and together we are committed to doing good in our communities.

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We created FUEL with the aim to deliver a taste of the high street into the workplace.

FUEL acts as an agency, with over 40 street food vendors and restaurateurs available for pop ups and events in our client locations.

We want our partners to be successful, so we support them on their journey to tell authentic stories through great food. We help to grow their talent and profile, while offering our customers the best that street food has to offer.

Coming back ready

Our teams have experienced unprecedented times. Supporting

their return to work has been top of our agenda. Creating return

to work training, client specific re-inductions and a wellbeing focus

group are just a few ways we have supported our teams return to work.