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Busting the myths about apprenticeships

At BaxterStorey, we are always encouraging our people to learn and develop their skills, whether that is to build their confidence or support their career progression. Our apprentice schemes play a big part in this development journey.  We deliver a variety of courses available to our teams, so there is something for everyone.

Yet there are still myths surrounding the apprenticeship sector – and training manager, Stephanie Cadogan is here to help bust them:

  1. Apprenticeships tend to be for people who didn’t perform well at school
    False. Apprenticeship qualifications can be used by employees of all age groups who have an employment contract of 15 hours per week or more. They are written by industry experts in order to allow anyone who wishes to learn, gain expertise, confidence and new skills to do so to a nationally recognised industry standard – hence why Apprenticeships are now called ‘Standards’ rather than ‘NVQ’s’. They range from level 1 to level 7 MBA and challenge learners to stretch their skills. Maths and English is required and taught at GCSE A-C Level as part of the Apprenticeship too (if not already achieved) and the End Point Assessment process allows for all learning and assignments to be rigorously tested at the end of the Apprenticeship journey before a pass, merit or distinction can be awarded.

  2. Apprenticeships are poorly paid
    False. Whilst there are indeed some employers who still feel it is acceptable to offer the Apprenticeship national minimum wage, most employers will now offer the same salary as other employees who are undertaking the same role as the person on an Apprenticeship. BaxterStorey offers the same competitive hourly rate (depending on role and area) as other team members doing the same role.

  3. Apprenticeships are only for school leaves (16-18 year olds)
    False. Whilst people in this age group tend to be hired as ‘Apprentices’ in the truest sense of the word, Apprenticeships are for employed people of all ages to progress, upskill, gain confidence, CV build etc.

  4. You need to study a lot in your spare time to do an Apprenticeship
    Depending on the choice and level of the Apprenticeship, yes there will be self-study time to some degree, and this would be expected from any dedicated learner. However, this does not mean several hours a week of study. Trainers will ensure that work is assigned at a reasonable pace and can be done both at work and at home depending on what has been set. The minimum time for any Apprenticeship is 12 months and some can be 24 months or more, so a clear and balanced timetable is set from the outset. The employer is also required to allow reasonable time to learn new things, study and provide support to anyone on an Apprenticeship, whilst at work.

  5. The process to hire an apprentice is timely
    That all depends on how attractive and competitive the Apprenticeship package is in the first place, how quickly the hiring managers can arrange interviews and make decisions/offers. It is an Apprentice applicants’ market now, rather than the employers, so this must be attractive and efficient. High quality Apprentices who are coming from school or college will have more than one application going at a time, so if they have to wait weeks for an interview they will be employed elsewhere by that time. Our Apprenticeship providers arrange the on-boarding and enrolment in exactly the same way as for any other member of staff who wishes to enrol onto an Apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are available to all, offer career development opportunities and a chance to earn while you learn. With the support of your manager and the guidance of our training provider HIT, why not see if an apprenticeship can give you an exciting new challenge in your career journey? Email us at for more information.

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