Marcin Slupek

Marcin Slupek

I started my journey with BaxterStorey as a kitchen porter back in 2015. As well as doing my usual duties, I also got involved in helping the chef team with food prep, as I was keen to learn as much as I could about the kitchen operation.

After just six months, Ryan my head chef at the time promoted me to commis chef – I was delighted! It was then that I learnt about BaxterStorey’s Chef Academy, which has been a life changing experience. I learnt so much on the Academy. Chef trainers Rik and John were so supportive, they encouraged me to try new things in the kitchen which improved my confidence, and led me to my next role as chef de partie.

After five years of determination and believing in myself, I’m now a sous chef, supporting my exec head chef in the day to day running of our kitchen. I get involved in writing menus, developing new recipes for our customers and supervising the chef team.

I love the way BaxterStorey care about their employees and support your self-development. If it wasn’t for my head chef supporting me and the opportunity to join the Chef Academy, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

This year I took part in BaxterStorey’s Street Food Championships. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase my skills and what I’ve learnt from the chefs I’m lucky enough to work with every day. My competition dish was Wakayama Tonkotsu with chashu pork belly, soy soft egg, bok choi, beansprouts, burnt garlic oil and alkaline noodles – the customers loved it!

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