Penny Macgowan

Penny Macgowan

Fresh off the back of my gap year in 2015, I applied for a place on the WSH Graduate Programme. It was during my operations experience and learning the ropes of contract catering that it was tipped that I might be suited to sales – I’m still not sure what this says about me!

So, after the programme finished, I entered the mysterious world as a sales executive: attending site visits, writing proposals and dressing up as JoJo Crow (Caterlink’s mascot) where required!

Having had a brief hiatus outside of WSH, I returned as bid manager and have since enjoyed climbing the ladder to key account manager and business development manager, thanks to the fantastic mentorship of my peers.

Every project presents a new opportunity, where it is my job to listen and decipher what exactly the client is looking for before project managing the process.

I love the variety my role offers and how it enables me to work with a whole host of fantastic foodies across our business and beyond. I’m excited to grow and see what the fun of sales has to offer moving forward.

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