Squash and cavelo nero biryani

Squash and Cavolo Nero Biryani with Coriander and Green Chilli Chutney

Using surplus squash from Waste Knot, Chef Academy trainer, Stephen Selwood shares the recipe to his Autumnal squash and cavolo nero biryani.

Gigha halibut, Lardo di colonnata, crown prince squash, red cabbage, hen of the woods, apple, sauce matelote

Chef de partie Jordan Douglas shares the recipe that crowned him winner of our Growing Underground culinary competition, using micro greens as the stars of the plate.
Zero waste carrot cake

‘Apeeling’ carrot cake

In celebration of Zero Waste Week, chef manager Mel Andrews shares the recipe for her very 'apeeling' carrot cake.

Alex’s Story

In light of World Mental Health Day, head chef Alex Standen bravely talks about his personal journey with mental health and how his involvement with The Burnt Chef Project led to him becoming a mental health ambassador.

Charlotte Rouse does Glastonbury: A Week in the Life of a Trader

Charlotte Rouse, head of operations for FUEL Experiences bagged herself a work experience she'll never forget!

Lizzie’s Top Tips to a Healthy, Balanced Diet

In recognition of Healthy Eating Week, food data and nutrition manager Lizzie Hennig shares her five top tips to having a nutritious balanced diet.

Blood Orange Spiced Cake

Is there anything more tasty than the sweet tang of blood oranges? Try sous chef Neil Turner’s dairy free blood orange spiced cake, it’s delicious!
Spiced blood orange cake
Spiced blood orange cake