Cranachan with ginger shortbread

Sweet raspberries folded into cream flavoured with honey, whisky and toasted oatmeal - what could be more delicious?
Lee Stewart's haggis burger

Burns Night burger

In celebration of Burns Night, chef manager Lee Stewart shares the recipe for his go-to burger!
Burns Night Chicken Balmoral

Chicken Balmoral with clapshot, broccoli and peppercorn sauce

Head chef, George Gunn's traditional chicken dish, stuffed with haggis, is a fitting main for a celebratory Burns Night supper.
Food and mood tour

Plant-based eating: driving a culture change

We chatted to our nutritionist Lizzie, about how she’s driving a culture of plant-based eating in our business, and why it’s so much bigger than swapping out meat for one month.

Alex’s Story

In light of World Mental Health Day, head chef Alex Standen bravely talks about his personal journey with mental health and how his involvement with The Burnt Chef Project led to him becoming a mental health ambassador.

Charlotte Rouse does Glastonbury: A Week in the Life of a Trader

Charlotte Rouse, head of operations for FUEL Experiences bagged herself a work experience she'll never forget!

Blood Orange Spiced Cake

Is there anything more tasty than the sweet tang of blood oranges? Try sous chef Neil Turner’s dairy free blood orange spiced cake, it’s delicious!
Spiced blood orange cake
Spiced blood orange cake