Coffee with a purpose

We are obsessed with coffee. That’s why in 2018 we launched our in-house Barista Academy, to perfect making great coffee with top of the range equipment.

Our highly skilled barista training team take you through the entire coffee journey from brewing, roasting, to perfecting your sensory skills. They’re all SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) qualified trainers, meaning you receive industry recognised qualifications upon completion. It also means you know how to make a really great cup of coffee!

But we didn’t stop there, we also developed our own in-house coffee brands Society and Down to Earth, working in close partnership with the Sol & Café partnership in Peru where our beans are grown, picked and roasted for our baristas to craft into delicious coffee. What’s more, 1p from every cup sold goes to our BaxterStorey Foundation supporting the Sol & Café partnership, helping 1100 local coffee farmers create a sustainable coffee production and farming future.

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