Celeriac terrine, smoked Jerusalem artichoke puree with candied walnut and granola

Created by chef trainer, Chris Nicklen

Ingredients (serves 5)

Celeriac terrine (overnight press)
3 large celeriacs, peeled and thinly sliced
1ltr of cashew milk
Salt, to season

Smoked artichoke puree
250g Jerusalem artichokes
110g cashew milk
Walnut oil
Salt, to taste
Applewood chips, for smoking (soaked)

Walnut granola
220g oats
110g chopped walnuts
110g cooked red quinoa

 Apple and parsley oil
Half bunch parsley
7 green apples
500ml walnut oil

Candied walnuts
15 walnut halves
100g sugar
Sea salt

15 celery leaves, picked
Pickled spple sticks (50g white wine vinegar, 50g sugar)


Celeriac terrine
Line a 20cm terrine dish with baking parchment, making sure to cover the whole dish including sides.

Add the celeriac to the cashew milk, coating all slices. To layer, dab the excess milk off.

Layer the celeriac in the dish making sure to cover evenly all the way through. Every two layers, season lightly.

Continue this process until the top of the terrine is covered.

Cover the top with baking parchment and tightly wrap with foil. Cook in a pre-heated oven at 160’C for 1hr or until the celeriac is cooked all the way through.

Once cooked, remove the layer of foil but keep the parchment on. Using an identical terrine dish, press onto the celeriac, keeping the dish as straight as possible to get an even press. Use added weight if necessary.

Press the terrine overnight in the fridge.

Artichoke puree
Roast the artichokes at 180’C for 40-45 minutes, or until tender.

When the artichokes are roasting, set up the smoker. When the smoke begins to come through the lid, add the milk into a dish and place in the smoker with the lid on.

Leave on the heat for a further two minutes, then take off and leave to cool slightly.

When the artichokes are cooked, cut in half and scoop out the flesh into a blender, keeping the skins.

Blend the artichoke with a third of the smoked milk, adding more if needed, to reach a smooth puree consistency. Season to taste.

Bottle up the puree for plating.

With the remaining skins, lay them flat between two lined trays and bake until crisp.

Keep these in a sealed container for plating.

Walnut granola
Toast all ingredients separately in the oven, until lightly golden and crisp. Mix together. Leave to cool and season, keep for plating.

Apple and parsley oil
Add the parsley and oil into the thermo mix, peel 6 apples into the thermo, using one apple to cut the apple sticks.

Blend the mix for 7 minutes on speed 9, at 90’C. Once the mix is well blended and green, pass the oil through a fine chinois and jay cloth. Cool down and bottle for plating.

Bring the vinegar and sugar to the boil and cool completely.

Cut the apple into 15 julienne sticks and submerge into the pickling liquor for 15 minutes. Pick the celery leaves off the celery sticks.

Candied walnuts
Using a thick bottomed pan, cook the sugar until a light coloured caramel appears. Cool slightly before adding the walnuts.

Toss around and separate the individual walnuts onto baking parchment using forks.

Leave to cool and keep for plating.

For plating
Take out the terrine and cut rectangular portions 3cm thick and slice into shape.

Warm the puree through and drain the apple from the pickling liquor.

Pan-fry the terrine slices in walnut oil until a light golden brown colour forms all the way round the terrine.

Serve the terrine in the middle of the plate, layers showing on top. Spoon the granola lightly around the terrine on the plate.

Add the puree with the artichoke skin on top, with a candied walnut to the side. Garnish with the celery leaves and pickled apple. Serving with the apple oil.

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