Katie’s Spooky Eyeball Cake Pops

Makes 8-10 portions


Victoria Sponge
200g caster sugar
200g soft butter
4 eggs room temperature
200g self-raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp milk
1 tbsp strawberry jam

100g soft butter
140g icing sugar
1 drop vanilla essence
750g ready to roll white fondant icing
Black food colouring
Red Royal Icing
500g icing sugar
1.5 tbsp meringue powder
3 tsp water (add a little more if needed)
Red food colouring


1. Pre heat oven to 165’C.

2. Beat the butter and sugar in a mixer until pale. Slowly add the eggs 1 by 1. Fold in the flour.

3. Grease and line two 20cm round cake tins and divide the cake mix between the two tins. Bake for 20 – 25 minutes, or until risen and golden.

4. Once cooled, crumble the sponge into a bowl and add the jam.

5. To make the buttercream, beat the three ingredients in a mixer until smooth.

6. To make the red royal icing, whisk the four ingredients until smooth.

7. Add ¾ of your buttercream mix to the sponge and jam. Mix well, until you can form a small ball and it holds together.

8. Ball up the mix to the size you desire for your eyeballs, ensuring they are smooth and perfectly round. Place in the freezer overnight.

9. Roll out 2/3 of your white fondant icing and cut into discs, big enough to wrap your sponge balls in.

10. Cover your sponge balls in some left over buttercream. Using the palm of your hands, wrap the fondant around the ball, working until smooth and fully covered. Leave out of the fridge overnight to dry out a little.

11. Cut in half the remaining fondant. Colour one half with black food colouring and leave the other half white.

12. Roll the white icing and cut into small discs. Roll the black icing and cut into smaller discs than the white. Using a little water, stick the black onto the white and then stick onto the covered sponge ball.

13. Pipe some red royal icing around the eyeball to create a distressed look.

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