Five Reasons Why Apprenticeships in Hospitality Are Great

At BaxterStorey, we are always encouraging our people to learn and develop their skills, whether that is to build their confidence or support their career progression. Our apprentice schemes play a big part in this learning journey. 

With over a variety courses available to our teams, there is something for everyone. That’s why we are sharing our five reasons why we think apprenticeships are a great way for people to get the right tools and knowledge to help them love this business as much as we do.

1. Don’t just learn, earn!

With an apprenticeship you are getting vocational experiences as well as structured study periods. A big benefit to apprentice schemes is you can receive an income as you learn on the job – meaning no big university fees debt!

“Britain has the most diverse hospitality business in the world”, explains head skill development Graham Eveleigh.

“It is estimated that a quarter of all new jobs in the next seven years will come from the hospitality sector. HIT Training, the UK’s leading provider of hospitality and catering apprenticeships, is here to help BaxterStorey meet this skills challenge by working in partnership to provide innovative training and development opportunities for those wanting a career in hospitality”.

Managing director at HIT Training Ltd, Jill Whittaker said: “Feeling proud of your job, meaningful career prospects and working for an employer that cares about your progression are all big selling points of undertaking an apprenticeship. They also offer a long-term structure, clear path of progression and an end goal to work towards – plus you get paid while you gain experience and skills”.

2. Open up new doors and increase your career prospects

By gaining an apprenticeship and learning while you work, you also demonstrate your skillset on a day to day basis.  You get tons of operational experience and get to work in a team, who can give you support and guidance. The best part is you can demonstrate your new skills to your managers which will enable you to progress in your role and the business.

Jill Whittaker agrees: “With apprenticeships ranging from Hospitality Team Member to Commis Chef, there are a whole host of apprenticeships available in the hospitality sector, meaning people can choose to either get a feel for the industry or pursue more specific long-held passions.

“What’s more, progression can be fast.  In fact, figures from Indeed show one in three apprentices receive a promotion within a year of completing their course. After all, there aren’t many other sectors you could be in a supervisory role by 19 or 20 years old, for example.”

3. Gain professional qualifications

Apprenticeships are a smart way to gain qualifications. Ranging from senior chef in culinary arts to level 4 hospitality manager, these certifications are industry recognised and can be equivalent to two GCSEs or a degree, opening up lots of career opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you have been a chef manager for over ten years or a HR admin assistant for six months, if you want to build your confidence or learn new skills, you can.

Managing director at HIT Training Ltd, Jill Whittaker said: “The hospitality sector is the UK’s fourth largest employer, growing quicker than any other sector since the 2008 recession. It offers fantastic career opportunities and, with 91% of employers in the UK saying they value vocational training such as apprenticeships, what better route could there be than apprenticeship?”

4. One size fits all – anyone can be an apprentice

Whether you’re 17 or 69, it’s never too late to start an apprenticeship. In fact only 15% of UK apprentices are under 19. Our Service Academy Apprenticeship Programme is testament to the fact that it is never too late or too early to start or continue learning.

In 2018 with the launch of the Academy and with 22 apprentices currently going through the programme, they range in age from 24 – 60 representing over six different countries. Despite being on the same programme, their experiences are each unique and they are growing and developing with each month that passes.

5. Teamwork makes the dream work – you have the support of your manager

Nothing makes us prouder than seeing our people grow in confidence with a genuine love for what they do. At BaxterStorey we are all about developing from within. The programmes are tailored with regular catch ups to create a learning style that suits you, with one day a month in the classroom

As Graham explains: “Having apprentices in our business means we are training our own talent and creating home grown people that will continue to work in our business. By offering various apprenticeships it encourages people to stay with us as there is a chance to do something different and progress”.

Account manager Janine Swales agrees: “For us, a close team built on trust and loyalty is key. I would much rather develop the team from within so people want to stay with us. Investing in our people is so important, not only for their development, but it is a much nicer experience for our client and customers as they see the same faces every day”.

Sorin Guzu, assistant fine dining manager at a city- based bank said: “A good manager will develop an amazing apprentice who subsequently will boost team morale and continue to improve customer and client relationships. Bringing someone new into the team who’s keen to learn, freshens up the team; it gives that boost of energy”.

Apprenticeships are available to all, offer career development opportunities and a chance to earn while you learn. With the support of your manager and the guidance of our training provider HIT, why not see if an apprenticeship can give you an exciting new challenge in your career journey?

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