Master Chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory Hosts Masterclass for BaxterStorey Chefs

London-based Social Co restaurant invited nine pastry chefs to experience the wonderful world of chocolate at a masterclass delivered by world renowned master chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory.

The aim of the unique masterclass held on Tuesday 2nd October was to inspire and motivate our chefs, offering them the opportunity to learn new culinary techniques from a world-renowned industry expert. Paul demonstrated the classical and modern methods of tempering chocolate and chefs had the chance to make their own chocolate garnishes, including teardrops, lattice and cylinders.

Our chefs were treated to a sampling of Paul’s exclusive, hand-crafted chocolates from his Indulgent range.  The innovative flavours included Madagascan and Tahitian vanilla, salted caramel, passion fruit and popping candy. Paul described the chocolate-making process, explaining how each batch takes three days to produce. Commenting on the chocolate’s unique decoration, Paul said: “When I was younger I did graffiti. When I made these chocolates, I came up with the concept of decorating them to reflect my passion for street art”.

The masterclass taught our chefs the importance of recipe development and how understanding each ingredient can improve the quality. Discussing the versatility of chocolate and how it complements almost any ingredient, there was a challenge to create a recipe using asparagus and white chocolate.

The innovative outcome was asparagus crisps, cooked with sugar and drizzled in white chocolate. Paul said: “There’s not an ingredient on the planet that doesn’t go with chocolate – it’s just how. Chocolate is so versatile – you can carve with it, paint with it, change its format, tempur it, eat it raw. That’s why I love it”.

Paul commented on the day: “I’ve had a really great day meeting and teaching such a great group of pastry chefs. If I can come and deliver a masterclass to chefs that are as passionate as I am, for them to walk away having learned something about the wonderful world of chocolate, then I’ve achieved what I came here to do; to share my knowledge”.

Dale Ulsterdale, pastry chef said: “I came here to learn new techniques and ideas, that I can practise back at my location. I’ve never made a chocolate and fruit ganache, so that was something completely new to me. I’d love to learn more on sculpting chocolate; it’s something that really interests me as nowadays customers want more than just a chocolate cake.  I had a brilliant afternoon, it’s really inspired me, and I will share the ideas I’ve learnt today with others in my team”.

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