Ken’s Top Tips for the Perfect Drips

Drip cakes are a stunning centrepiece for any occasion, it’s no wonder they have become so popular. In celebration of National Baking Week, our chef Ken Moodie shares his fool-proof tips on how to make the perfect drip cake.

First thing’s first, you will need: a frosted cake, turntable or cake stand, squeezy sauce bottle or dessert spoon, offset palette knife, and chocolate ganache or spread of your choice.

1. Where to begin? As a beginner myself, I have found that Biscoff or Nutella provide the perfect consistency for dripping, as they only need a quick 30-second blast in the microwave beforehand. If you prefer to make your own ganache, allow it to cool for at least ten minutes after making.

2. It’s all about the height! Aim for a minimum of three layers to your cake. The taller the cake, the more dramatic effect the drip will have. You can drip over a crumb coated cake or a finished frosted cake – both work equally well.

3. Cooling is key. A cold cake will help to set your glaze faster. Leave your frosted cake in the fridge for at least 15 minutes before attempting to drip. This will make sure the drip doesn’t flood to the bottom of the cake.

4. Practice makes perfect. I have found that practicing your drip down the side of a baked bean tin or cake tin provides the perfect canvas to practice on. When you’re ready to drip onto the cake, it’s always a good idea to start on what will be the back of the cake. This will allow you to get into the flow before you reach the front, or the presentation side of your cake.

5. Mastering the drip. Using a squeezy bottle or dessert spoon, apply the drip to the top edge of the cake and allow it to run down the side of the cake. Apply different amounts of pressure to each drip – more pressure will result in a longer drip; less pressure will give a shorter drip. Or why not mix it up to create a more dramatic effect? When finished, use the remaining drip to flood the top of the cake and smooth it out with the back of a Dessert Spoon or a Small offset Palette Knife.

Try it yourself…

Why not have a go at making Ken’s Biscoff drip cake?

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