Graduate Storeys: Nutrition Training, Event Planning and Nitro Espresso Martinis

It’s been a busy couple of months! Here’s my three highlights:

Managing RocketSpace

It has been a busy three months as I stepped into the role of F&B manager at one of our London-based locations, Gravity Food – a unique café and events space in Islington. I’ve had great exposure to what it takes to manage a site, from looking after the team, to getting hands on with the events.

I did make a slight error with one order, when I had to send back 1000 pieces of fruit – it was a valuable lesson on the importance of always double checking my orders. I’ve loved working with the team, and particularly the opportunity to be creative with the menu and food offer. On the menu last week, we had kale and spinach burgers with our homemade relish and the sourdough jumbo fish finger sandwiches are always a hit with the customers!

This brief experience of management has taught me how rewarding, but also challenging it can be at times. I have a lot of appreciation for the managers I’ve been lucky enough to work with that do it so well!

Nutriton Training

Essentials of Nutrition was the last of our training sessions and my favourite! Our nutritionist Rosie Cadogan took us through why it’s so important we keep our dishes well balanced, tasty and nutritious. It made me aware that often we feed our customers two of their three meals a day, so having lots of choices from porridge stations to salad bars, to classics like fish and chips; is important so customers can have food options to fuel them for the whole day but also tasty favourites to choose from.

We were given a task of creating a vegan hospitality menu, which was fun and got the brain working! We had to come up with suggestions on how we could adapt our food offer to use vegan alternatives, such as vegan brownies using sunflower oil, dairy-free dark chocolate and avocado icing. I’ve really seen the demand from customers for vegan options increase, so this was something I will take away and use in my future placements.

Decade Lunch

I loved being part of the team planning a lunch event for a London based bank location. This is where I put my multi-tasking skills to the test sourcing everything from the band and decoration, to organising the timings and menu. We had a popcorn pop up, street-food, Modern Standard’s Nitro Espresso Martini’s and our pastry chef Audrey Bonnafous’ infamous treats, including her mini lemon meringue cakes. The event was a great success and I enjoyed having to think on my feet.

When I reflect on the past few months and the people that have helped me along my journey, I feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity. It’s only just the beginning of my career and I know there’s still so much for me to learn, but I am already excited for the next step of my BaxterStorey journey.

Emma Huskie

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