Graduate Storeys: allergen training, lunch tradeshows and selfies with Jimmy Carr

It has been a very busy, and caffeine fuelled, few weeks to say the least!

On my second day in the business I supported the catering team to feed the busy traders in an annual fundraising charity event hosted by our global brokerage client for the Relief fund. I even found time to have the odd selfie with Jimmy Carr and Olly Murs. Sadly, meeting celebrities isn’t part of my everyday work schedule, but I’m hoping I can possibly work on that?!

For the next part of the Graduate programme I’ve hung up my chef whites as I started my Retail focused module. I’ve learnt a lot so far, especially the importance of both front of house and back of house working closely together.

We learnt in the kitchen module how feeding hundreds of people isn’t always easy and now I’m seeing how serving hundreds of people isn’t easy either!

I’m halfway through this module and have worked at The Social Bee Shoreditch and The Canteen. It has been great to compare the two. Each site caters for different customer needs. Some want to see more confectionary, like what they can grab and go from the high street, while others just want a hearty hot meal!

If anything, I’ve seen how much work goes into delivering great service. From the attention to detail to consistency to ensure every customer has a good experience for the short moment they are with us.

Primarily, service with a smile always goes down well. But, it’s the attention to detail to the smaller things like polishing the cutlery, wiping away any dropped salad, and making sure the sauce bottles are all clean throughout service that make all the difference.

Admittedly, it isn’t always easy to check on the small things when you are short-staffed or busy. However, something I want to try and do from now on is focus on a customer’s journey, walking around before, during and after service to ensure that everything is clean and replenished. It really is so important.

I went to the Lunch! Tradeshow to gain new ideas on new products I could potentially introduce to sites. I’m looking forward to meeting one brand to discuss their products in more detail; with the support of The Social Bee’s retail and merchandising manager Charlotte and The Canteen’s general catering manager, Alex Borley. It’s going to be a real chance to get to grips with the business side of deciding what products we can and can’t stock, and how we approach this.

If that isn’t enough to keep me occupied, there have been several training courses. From allergens to personal brand and wellbeing. It also meant all of us graduates were back together in one room like in the induction, which was lovely to catch up!

I have my barista training coming up shortly, so watch out for my attempt at latte art!

Emma Huskie

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