Graduate Storeys: My First Month with BaxterStorey

Starting this month, our graduate trainee manager Emma Huskie will be sharing her experiences on the BaxterStorey Graduate programme. Follow Emma’s journey in her monthly blog as she learns all about our business, from pot washing, to allergen training to even making doughnuts.

After completing an English and American Literature degree at Kent University, job hunting felt overwhelming.  I took a year out to really reflect on what I wanted to pursue as a career, spending three months volunteering in Tanzania, before travelling to eight countries across South America.

I knew I needed a career that kept me on my toes. I’m a real people person with a big interest in food and nutrition; and found myself drawn to the hospitality industry.

I’ve worked for BaxterStorey before, as a general assistant during summer holidays, and have seen first-hand how they encourage creativity and initiative. Whilst I’ve never wanted to be a chef, I know there are lots of opportunities and careers available within hospitality. The BaxterStorey Graduate Programme seemed like a perfect fit for me to learn more about the industry and explore what career options are out there.

Nutella doughnuts and a kidney bean cake

When I was given my schedule on the first week, I quickly discovered how jam-packed the next nine months are going to be.  From pot washing, front of house service, allergen training, cooking in the kitchen, training staff and observing health and safety audits- I’m going to be working across the whole business.

It’s my first month and I’m already yawning by 9pm, in bed by 9:30pm and asleep by 10pm!

I’ve been working alongside pastry chef Cristiano at Kitchen On 4, one of our London based locations. I have a real sweet tooth, so it’s been the perfect start! I’m already picking up new skills having made Nutella doughnuts (yes, they were as amazing as they sound) and mozzarella and bolognaise arancini. I’m starting to understand the importance of keeping team morale high, under the watchful eye of my head chef Sebastian.

Something I’ve really begun to appreciate is how small things can make a huge difference to your day. In week two I showed Cristiano a plant-based chocolate, coconut and kidney bean cake I was keen to make. The following day, we made it together and it was out on the deli bar for customers to buy! I was chuffed to find out the cake had sold out by the afternoon.

Catching up with the other graduates, it’s comforting to know we’re all experiencing similar things. We keep in touch most days on WhatsApp, but I’m looking forward to comparing notes at the next training day. We’re also working on a charity project on the side which should be really fun!

It’s only the beginning of my journey with the BaxterStorey family and I have so much to learn over the next nine months. There’s a strong support network for the graduates, and the entire company is invested in helping us to do our best and learn as much as possible.

I hope you enjoy following me and the other graduates on this journey, as I share my experiences with you all over the next nine months.

Emma Huskie

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