Why good nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated

Our Head of Nutrition Gabriella Roberts, explains how embracing good nutrition this New Year can be sustainable long term with just a few simple steps.

“New year, new me!” – a familiar slogan for January resolutions.  Yet come the end of January, when our bodies are suffering from the over indulgence during Christmas and we find ourselves still working through the Christmas chocolate, ‘New Year, same me’ often sounds more appropriate. The key to sticking to all your good intentions is to be realistic and set measurable goals, going cold turkey from day one isn’t always sustainable.

Topping the resolution list is usually something related to our health and wellbeing. Whether you’ve vowed never to eat sugar again, decided to go gluten free or fancy being paleo, the key to good nutrition is to create healthy habits, not restrictions.

Healthy is such a subjective word, it can mean so many different things to each of us. Social media and the rife of fad diets has created a distorted view about healthy eating – it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Good nutrition is eating a balance of foods and focusing on how they fuel your body. A diet including wholegrain carbohydrates; plenty of fruit & vegetables; protein-rich foods; some milk & dairy products; and not too much fat, sugar or salt is considered healthy. The important thing is to have a positive relationship with food and embrace a healthy lifestyle change over time, instead of a quick fix.

This year sees the biggest number of people embracing good nutrition by participating in a vegan lifestyle throughout January.

Supported by the Vegan Society, ‘Veganuary’ is about following a plant-based diet, discovering new ingredients to better both your health and the environment. We have introduced 20 new recipes to our Healthy Me range, many of which are suitable for people following a vegetarian and vegan diet.

Vegan diets have been associated with various health benefits such as weight loss, helping to lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of high blood pressure and reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. However these health benefits are not solely linked to a vegan diet and it should not be assumed that eating meat, fish and dairy products is unhealthy.

If your New Year resolution is related to healthy eating, remember your health is individual so listen to your body and what it needs. Focus on your own eating behaviours and be kind to your body – it is your most priceless possession.

My top five ways to stay healthy:
1.  Set realistic and measurable goals
2.  Avoid restrictive and fad diets
3.  Measure your health on how you feel
4.  Enjoy every moment of food
5.  Keep it simple

Try it yourself…
Why not have a go at our Cuban Quinoa with Sweet Potato, Black Beans and Mango recipe



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