BaxterStorey Barista competes in World Barista Championships

Our talented barista Remy Poirot competed in the 2018 World Barista Championships in Amsterdam this month. Remy, who is also the Belgium barista champion, is our first barista to make it to the World finals.

The competition, which showcased the exceptional talent of baristas across the globe, saw 60 champions gather in front of fans at the WBC Arena in Amsterdam for four days of fierce competition.

Competitors had the task of preparing four espressos, four milk drinks and four original signature drinks to exacting standards in 15 minutes. While progressing through the main championship, contestants had the opportunity to participate in team competitions, rewarding group support and collaboration.

Remy’s first signature drink was made from unrefined organic panela sugar and terebinth berries, with coffee beans sourced from Buenos Aires Farm in Nicaragua. He said: “Being able to serve an extraordinary cup of coffee, is what brought me here today. It would reassure me knowing that the future generations of baristas will be able to enjoy that too”.

Charged with nitrous oxide to give it a silky texture, Remy’s signature drink contained flavours of toffee and pistachio with rose aromas. Remy told the judges the story behind his signature drink. “This coffee is about supporting the farmers that are struggling every day with climate variation, creating unusual humidity, resulting in higher presence of pets. Growing good quality coffee without using pesticides has become a challenge”.

Throughout his demonstration, Remy discussed the environmental impacts of coffee: water pollution, leftover coffee grounds, paper waste from coffee cups and non-recyclable coffee pods.

Jana Slamova, Barista Academy Manager, said: “We are so proud of Remy for getting to the World Barista Championships, it’s the first time anyone at BaxterStorey has reached this stage. His talent and commitment in creating his drink recipes, sourcing his coffee and crafting his judging routine has been inspiring to watch and it’s great he has the experience of sharing his expertise and passion on such a global platform. We hope that his achievement will encourage our baristas to continue to develop their knowledge to pursue a career in coffee excellence”.

Remy, Coffee Bar and Food Operation Supervisor at AXA, Belgium said: “Making a customer a signature drink that is fun and creative, is the best way to encourage engagement and awareness about coffee sustainability. If customers can understand the difference it would make to farmers simply by choosing to pay for quality, the impact of their decisions would transform the coffee industry, one cup at a time”.

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