BaxterStorey at GTG Glasgow feeds record number of police officers at COP26

Our team at GTG, a commercial training facility in Glasgow, stepped up to provide a whopping 42,000 meals to the UK’s police force throughout COP26, marking the highest number of meals provided by the team since the site opened in 2015.

Usually feeding 300 customers a day at their site at the GTG, this increased to a staggering 1,900 freshly prepared meals using locally sourced ingredients, during this year’s Climate Change Conference.

Heads of state and climate change experts came together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, bringing police officers from across the UK to Glasgow.

As security ramped up, so did the team’s catering offer. Led by general manager Lisa McLean and head chef Barry Hamilton, the team worked around the clock to factor in the policing shift patterns and provide a record number of meals. Head chef Barry did a fantastic job checking all the stock arrived on time and that orders had been processed, as well as ensuring they had a full catering service offer ready for the following day.

Special recognition goes to supervisory assistant and unsung hero, Hugh Macdonald, who packed up to 1000 lunches, spending most of his time in a refrigerated vehicle throughout the night – an absolute trooper!

Meals were freshly prepared on site and included full Scottish breakfasts that were provided daily from 4am, along with a hot lunch and evening meal. This ranged from chicken cacciatore and vegan lasagne, to pulled cherry cola jackfruit with potato wedges and green beans.

The team also provided 22,000 packed lunches for the police force, Ministry of Defence, the Met Police, and the coast guard service – which included sandwiches, wraps, crisps, fruit pots, chocolate bars and protein desserts – a big tick for the officers who were spending so much time on their feet!

Commenting on the team’s efforts, operations manager, Lynn McBride said: “The whole team pulled together with strength, stamina and real tenacity. I’m thankful to each one of them who supported us through the three weeks of COP26, during the night and day, working 12 hour shifts and sometimes more, to make sure our customers didn’t go hungry. I’m incredibly proud of their achievements and feel lucky to have such a dedicated team.”

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