Mossgiel Farm

BaxterStorey partners with Mossgiel Organic Dairy Farm

We are proud to have partnered with Mossgiel, an award-winning organic dairy farm, to supply our locations in Scotland with organic milk.

Based in Ayrshire, Mossgiel uses traditional dairy farming techniques to create local, organic and sustainable milk, focussing on the highest standards of animal welfare, boosting biodiversity, and producing a premium product for its customers.

Farming with fewer animals and inputs, their herd of 45 grass-fed Ayrshire cows are milked once a day, and the calves stay with their mothers four months longer than the industry standard of two days, promoting greater animal welfare.

Mossgiel Farm already supplies milk to 20% of our Scotland locations, including several public institutions, City of Glasgow College and Glasgow Caledonian University. The milk is delivered by electric vehicles and there is a zero-waste packaging policy.

Director of food and beverage, Greg Bramwell said: “It’s great to be working with such a like-minded company as Mossgiel; our ethos is the same in terms of our approach to sustainable farming. It’s so important for us and our customers to understand where our food comes from and to have a better understanding of that connection from farm to fork. Our baristas also want the best milk to make the best coffees!”

You can find out more about the partnership here.

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