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BaxterStorey’s Food Festival is Back with a Bang

From pea and potato samosas and pork skin quavers to homemade apple marshmallows, our South West Food Festival was back with a bang!

It was an afternoon of innovation from our culinary teams at the National Catering Equipment Centre in Bristol, with artisan producers, coffee tasting and live cooking demos.

Head chef Phil Hickey presented five variations of plant-based canapes using peas and potatoes from Dyson Farming, including ham and pea terrine, pea and potato samosas, pea panna cotta and ham hock and potato cheese croquettes.

Crowds gathered at the foods in season display run by head chef Sean O’Grady; with samples of beetroot and Welsh-cured mackerel on sourdough, Asian-style chicken and pumpkin dumplings, pork skin quavers, a classic Waldorf salad and homemade apple and vanilla marshmallows proving popular.

The event showcased over 20 local suppliers including Moju, Samosa Co, Arthur Davies and Barber’s Cheese. Westaways, our dedicated breakfast sausage supplier also attended, alongside Bidfood showcasing their seasonal festive goodies, from mincemeat parcels to sherry trifle cheesecake.

On hand to make sure no one went thirsty was speciality coffee roasters, Matthew Algie and our head of coffee Miguel Camara, giving guests a taste of coffee action with our Down To Earth espresso blend.

Head chef Pedro Vega Fuentes showcased his quirky ‘2nd cut sandwiches’ initiative to combat food waste. A few of the favourites were hoisin duck baguettes, pork chuck Banh Mi and New Yorker bloomers. Chef manager Phil Lee Robinson hosted the Mac Shack, where guests enjoyed vegan butternut squash and macaroni cheese with pickled breaded mushrooms and pulled pork.

Chef Academy duo, Rik Razza and John Hicks dished up their speciality sambusas, packed with Ethiopian spices, brown lentils and a punch of chilli.

Regional executive chef for the South West, James Baker said: “Our South West food festival kicked off to a flying start. A huge thank you goes to our fantastic suppliers who put on an epic show and to our chefs for demonstrating their passion for food innovation. Once again, our BaxterStorey teams smashed it!”.

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