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BaxterStorey’s Head of Wellness and Nutrition Hosts Spiritual Wellbeing Journey with Shane Cooke

Our head of wellness and nutrition, Andy Aston is hosting a series of spiritual wellbeing workshops for our chefs in London, alongside mindset and meditation coach and former Acorn Scholarship winner, Shane Cooke.

Open to chefs of all levels across our business, the four-week wellness lab covers topics including ‘the power of breath and meditative states’, ‘mastering the monkey mind’, ‘mindful or mind full’ and ‘energy’.

The purpose of the wellbeing training sessions is to provide guidance, knowledge and readily available techniques to support our teams that are returning to work after furlough, as well as those that have been working throughout.

Leading the sessions, Shane talks about how the mind works, offering techniques to help alleviate stress, encouraging them to step back mentally, rather than just physically.

Founder of Jasper Wellbeing, Shane commented: “After the challenging year we’ve had, wellbeing is high on an employee’s agenda, so we need to adapt as an industry look at new ways of doing things. We need to give staff the tools to shut off, for them be able to adapt quickly to change without being affected and most importantly the tools to see when they are suffering from mental illness, giving them the courage and power within to feel comfortable to speak up before they reach a crisis point.

“These sessions are about giving BaxterStorey chefs the tools they need to help them cope with challenges they may experience in their day to day lives. Available to them 24 hours a day, these tools allow the teams to feel more in control of their feelings. Through meditation, mindfulness and breath work techniques, the aim is for the team to cultivate this process until it becomes natural in everyday life”.

Executive chef and participant on the course, Mark Donlon said: “After a turbulent year for the hospitality industry, this wellbeing journey has been a breath of fresh air. All of us on the spiritual wellbeing journey are encouraged to have open and frank discussions about the daily challenges or successes we encounter, in both our personal and professional lives. I’ve learnt so many helpful techniques that I’ll take back to my location to share with my teams; I’m thoroughly enjoying this new journey”.

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