British Tomato Fortnight

British Tomato Fortnight

In celebration of British Tomato Fortnight, nutritionist Rosie Cadogan shares the hidden health benefits of tomatoes and why we should be using them more in our kitchens.

Bursting with goodness, the British tomato is an all-round health superhero. From hearty meals and light lunches to a quick and tasty snack, British tomatoes are as versatile as they are delicious.

Did you know tomatoes are a fruit and not a vegetable? Coming in all different sizes from cherry or plum, to big and beefy and in a variety of colours, from traditional red to green, yellow and even purple. Whether it’s for a sauce or soup, pizza topping or in a salad, tomatoes are a versatile ingredient that should be used more in our kitchens.

Their nutritional profile is something of a wonder. Mostly made up of carbohydrate, they provide a good source of fibre like most fruit and vegetables, but also host many micro nutrients:

  • Beta carotene, which is then converted to vitamin A when eaten
  • Vitamin C which is beneficial for our immune systems
  • Vitamin E, a core antioxidant helping to lower our free radical levels and protect our cells
  • Folate, a B vitamin required in the diet for normal growth of cells and tissues
  • Vitamin K used in the blood and immune system for normal clotting
  • Some calcium and magnesium

Tomatoes are also part of the nightshade family, along with aubergines, peppers and potatoes. They are an important part of the diet and along with many other foods, help to keep our heart, skin, eyes, and digestive system healthy.

Why not try chef Ryan Percopo’s heirloom tomato gazpacho here?

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