Broccoli, gnocchi, tomato, Parmesan, capers

Broccoli, gnocchi, tomato, parmesan, capers

Broccoli Ingredients:
7 Skyline Garden purple sprouting/tenderstem
Olive oil, to taste
Salt, to taste

Gnocchi Ingredients:
900g desiree potato
3 egg yolks
80g Parmesan
180g 00 flour
Salt, to taste

Broccoli Puree Ingredients:
10 Skyline Garden broccoli heads
Salt, to taste
2 lemons, zest

Broccoli Stalk Ingredients:
10 Skyline Garden broccoli stalks
20g salt
70g white wine vinegar
50g caster sugar
150g water

Parmesan Crisp Ingredients:
200g Parmesan

Burnt lemon Dressing Ingredients:
10 lemons, cut in half
300g oil
40g maple syrup
Salt, to taste

Crispy Capers Ingredients:
1tbsp lilliput capers

Oven Dried Tomatoes Ingredients:
100g Skyline Garden cherry tomatoes
Extra virgin olive oil, to taste
2 garlic cloves
10 sprigs Skyline Garden thyme

Garnish Ingredients:
Crispy capers
20g Parmesan
20g pickled broccoli stalk
20g cured broccoli stalk
10 broccoli leaves (if any)
Burnt lemon dressing, to taste

Broccoli Method:

Trim and cut the broccoli to the same size, blanch in salted boiling water and refresh. When needed, dress with olive oil and salt, and char straight on the solid top.

Gnocchi Method:

Bake the potatoes in the oven to get a dry mash. Pass through a drum sieve, add in the Parmesan, egg yolk and finally the flour and salt.

Roll into a cylinder (£1 coin size) and steam. Cool in iced water and cut to the desired size (1 inch long). When needed, colour the cut size. Serve 7 to a portion.

Broccoli Puree Method:

Shave all the green parts of the broccoli and blanch in salted boiling water for 10 seconds. Refresh in ice cold water and blanch again until fully cooked.

Blend in a vita mix, add in the salt and lemon zest and cool over ice.

Broccoli Stalk Method:

Dice the broccoli stalks into 1cm cubes. Make a pickling liquor with the vinegar, sugar and water. Pour over half of the stalk dice. Cure the other half with salt for 10 minutes, before washing off and drying.

Parmesan Crisp Method:

Grate the Parmesan and bake in the oven at 170’C until golden brown. Leave to cool and break into shards.

Burnt Lemon Dressing Method:

Burn the lemons cut side down in a pan, until completely black. Deglaze with water and allow to sit in the water for 10 minutes. Squeeze all of the juice from the lemons and remove any seeds. Blend with the rest of the ingredients.

Crispy Capers Method:

Deep fry the capers at 180’C degrees and leave to go crispy (under the lights if possible).

Oven Dried Tomatoes Method:

Cut all tomatoes in half. Slice the garlic thin and remove all the leaves from the thyme. Mix all ingredients together and put on a silicone mat.

Bake in the oven at 60′ degrees with 40% humidity for 90 minutes. Check after 60 minutes to make sure they’re not too dry. Once cooked, place in more extra virgin olive oil.

Garnish Method:

Mix all of the ingredients together to make a dressed salad.


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