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Plant-based eating: driving a culture change

Plant-based eating is growing in popularity, fuelled by trends including Veganuary where people commit to a month of eating solely plant-based. We chatted to our nutritionist Lizzie, about how she’s driving a culture of plant-based protein in our business, and why it’s so much bigger than swapping out meat for one month.

I’m passionate about promoting the nutritional benefits of eating 30 different plants a week. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Did you know this includes nuts, seeds, spices, and of course your well-known fruit and veg? Even, coffee is a plant and counts towards your 30 a week (without the milk and sugar of course!)

Having a variety of plants in your diet plays a positive impact on your gut health. At BaxterStorey, we want to connect with customers, teams, and our wider community to inform, empower and celebrate what plant-based eating has to offer.

Nourish to flourish
As a nutritionist my role is to inspire and educate. I am working with our Food Team to develop training and experiences, to give our teams confidence through creativity and craft, to in turn, nourish our customers.

Our Food and Mood tours see us travel across the UK, educating customers and teams on how good food impacts your mood and output during the day. It’s important we nourish everyone that connects with our food. We have seen an evolution in our role and we now fuel our customers outside of the workplace through recipes, masterclasses and even meal kits. We’re more than just caterers, we’re now part of a wider community with our clients and customers.

Pushing plant boundaries
We’re on a big educational journey with our teams in how we can celebrate and enhance our plant-based offerings. I work closely with chefs to embellish their menus and collaborate to produce menus that are not only delicious, but nutritious. Every dish has the opportunity to not only taste good but do good. So, it could mean adding a topper of nuts and seeds to your morning porridge, to adding another vegetable to a salad. This not only enhances the texture but allows us to eat with our eyes, creating a rainbow variety of plant products.

Plant-based partnerships
Fruit and vegetables are at their nutritional best when in season. Working with suppliers like Waste Knot ensures we are giving customers food that will nourish them.

Waste Knot work to get surplus veg out of farmers’ fields and into our chef’s kitchens. Our customers benefit from locations using this produce in their soups, salads and wider offerings. Not only do they get transparency of the farm to fork journey, they are eating UK produce at its seasonal and nutritional best.

Veganuary is a great awareness raising opportunity, but we’re taking it further. We want to connect more with our customers to support them in prioritising health and wellness; and create a food culture that is fuelled by chefs inspired, educated, and motivated to drive it.

Waste Knot asparagus, peas, broad bean and sprouting broccoli soup
Banh Mi Vietnamese plant-based dish

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