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Five Reasons Why Apprenticeships in Hospitality Are Great

At BaxterStorey, we are always encouraging our people to learn and develop their skills, whether that is to build their confidence or support their career progression. Our apprentice schemes play a big part in this learning journey.  With a variety courses available to our teams, there is something for everyone.

Head of Training, Harriet Bailey shares five reasons why she thinks apprenticeships are a great way for people to get the right tools and knowledge to help them love this business as much as we do.

Don’t just learn, earn!
With an apprenticeship you are getting vocational experiences as well as structured study periods. A big benefit to apprentice schemes is you can receive an income as you learn on the job – meaning no big university fees debt!

Open new doors and increase your career prospects
By gaining an apprenticeship and learning while you work, you also demonstrate your skillset on a day to day basis.  You get loads of operational experience and get to work in a diverse team, who can give you support and guidance. The best part is you can demonstrate your new skills to your managers which will enable you to progress in your role and the business.

Gain professional qualifications
Apprenticeships are a smart way to gain qualifications. Ranging from senior chef in culinary arts to level 5 operational manager, these certifications are industry recognised and can be equivalent to two GCSEs or a degree, opening lots of career opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you have been a chef manager for over ten years or a HR admin assistant for six months, if you want to build your confidence or learn new skills, we will support you to do that.

One size fits all – anyone can be an apprentice
Whether you’re 17 or 69, it’s never too late to start an apprenticeship. Currently we have 68 people doing apprenticeships in our business, both new starters and long-standing employees.

Our Operational Training Manager Stephanie Cadogan explains: “Our people deserve the best opportunities we can give them, and with our impressive library of apprenticeships available we can offer everyone the chance to focus on their personal development and unlock their potential. Apprenticeships delivered by subject experts and supported by us builds the future for our people and BaxterStorey”.

You have the support of your manager
Nothing makes us prouder than seeing our people grow in confidence with a genuine love for what they do. At BaxterStorey we are all about developing from within. Our apprenticeships are tailored with regular catch ups to create a learning style that suits you, with certain days a month in the classroom.  

Apprenticeships are available to all, offer career development opportunities and a chance to earn while you learn. With the support of your manager and the guidance of our training provider HIT, why not see if an apprenticeship can give you an exciting new challenge in your career journey. Email us at for more information.

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