Gigha halibut, Lardo di colonnata, crown prince squash, red cabbage, hen of the woods, apple, sauce matelote

Serves 2

Halibut Ingredients:
300g Gigha halibut
50g butter
5g Growing Underground micro red cabbage
5g Growing Underground micro rocket
10g Lardo

Red cabbage ingredients:
1 baby red cabbage
100g Maldon sea salt
25g butter
5g Growing Underground micro red cabbage
200ml Pinot Noir
20ml sherry vinegar
30g dark brown sugar

Hen of the Woods ingredients:
20g mushrooms
10g butter
1 lemon

Squash and squash puree ingredients:
1 Crown Prince squash
50g butter
5g thyme
150ml double cream

Apple Dashi gel ingredients:
100ml veg stock
15g Kombu
5g Growing Underground micro rocket
150ml apple juice
25m soy sauce
15ml red wine vinegar
2g Xanthan Gum

Garnish ingredients:
5g Growing Underground red cabbage
10g purpe kale
1 mushroom
1 punnet Growing Underground micro rocket
50ml vegetable oil

Matelote sauce ingredients:
250ml chicken stock
250ml fish stock
Reserved halibut bones and trim
3 shallots
100g button mushrooms
50ml Pinot Noir
5g elder capers
2 cloves garlic
5g thyme
1 lemon


Roast halibut in a pan. Once cooked, baste fish with butter and finely chopped micro herbs.

Top cooked fish with square of Lardo, allow to gently melt. Garnish with fresh micros.

Peel Crown prince squash and cut into 1.5 inch wedges. Vac pac 2 pieces with thyme/butter and steam.

Dice remaining squash, roast, reduce in a pan with cream and puree in vitamix.

Salt bake red cabbage in foil until cooked through.

Portion cooked cabbage into 1 inch pieces. Sautee in a pan.

In another pan add sugar, pinot noir, cab sav vinegar, micro cabbage and reduce.

Add gastrique to cabbage, baste and glaze.

Cut and wash mushrooms. Roast in a pan, finishing with diced butter and lemon to glaze

To make the matelote sauce, caramelise halibut trim, bones and garlic. Add sliced shallots, mushrooms and thyme.

Add pinot noir and reduce to syrup. Add both stocks and reduce.

Strain and finish with elderberry capers, lemon juice and micro rocket oil.

To make the apple dashi gel, infuse apple juice and veg stock with micro rocket and kombu. Reduce by half. Season with soy sauce and rice wine vinegar.

Add xanthan gum, set and blitz.

To garnish, blanch purple kale in a seasoned emulsion until tender. Blend micro rocket and oil, pass and season.


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