Hannah's Jubilee Dessert

Jubilee Earl Grey Victoria Sponge

Makes 6 domes

Strawberry Jam Jelly
600g ripe English strawberries, tops removed, halved  
1 small squeeze of a lemon
100g caster sugar
7g of bronze gelatine
Wild strawberry and Gariguette Compote
80g Wild strawberry puree
40g Wild strawberry, diced small
40g  Gariguette Strawberries, diced small
10g caster sugar
1g of Agar Agar

Earl Grey Victoria Sponge
120g caster sugar
100g plain flour
100g unsalted butter
2 eggs
1tsp vanilla paste  
2 Earl Grey loose leaf teabags
150g water

White Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Mousse
250g good quality white chocolate (we use Callebaut)
500g double cream
2 eggs
3 yolks
10g caster sugar
14g bronze gelatine
1tsp vanilla paste  

Earl Grey Crumb
125g unsalted butter
55g caster sugar
180g plain flour
1 Earl Grey loose leaf teabag, the leaf emptied into a container

White Chocolate Dome
Good quality white chocolate

Wild Strawberry Sorbet
200g wild strawberry puree
25g liquid glucose
2.5g super neutrose
6g invert sugar (this can be missed out)
75g caster sugar
230g water

To decorate
Gold leaf
Edible flowers
Edible transfer (icing or rice paper)


In a pan add the puree, water and glucose. Heat gently.

In a dry bowl mix the Super Neutrose and sugar together.

Add the sugar mixture into the pan and whisk together. The mixture will thicken. Do not allow this mixture to boil.

Place the mixture into a paco jet container and fully freeze before churning in a paco jet.

This can be made using a sorbet churner but the sugar content may have to be altered depending on the machine you own.


These can be purchased pre-made, they will come as halves. Alternatively if you are feeling brave temper white chocolate into non-stick moulds to create perfectly smooth half domes. Ensure you use good quality white chocolate as this will be crucial in the tempering process.

Strawberry jam jelly

In a pan place the prepared strawberries with the sugar and lemon juice. On a low heat let these slowly warm, allowing all the juices to release from the fruit. When all the juices have been released reduce the liquid until the consistency has become slightly thicker and glossy. Pass through a fine sieve which has been lined with a muslin cloth. This is called a consommé.

Bloom the gelatine in cold water. When soft, add this into the warm strawberry consomm√© and stir until dissolved.  

Pour this mixture into non-stick round moulds appropriate to the size of your chocolate domes, this jelly will need to fit into the smallest part of your dome.

Place in the freezer.

The Wild strawberry and Gariguette Compote

Place all the strawberries into a saucepan with the puree and sugar. Gently warm through, to melt the sugar into the mix. Turn the heat up to a rolling boil and add in the agar agar. Cook out for 2 minutes. Whist hot, pour the mixture into non-stick moulds appropriate to the size of your chocolate domes, this compote will need to fit into the widest part of your dome.

Place in freezer.

The Earl Grey Victoria Sponge

Make a traditional sponge mix using the butter, eggs, flour, sugar (100g) and vanilla paste. Spread this mix on a tray ensuring it is a thin, even amount. Cook at 165 degrees for about 8 minutes.

In a pan add the earl grey teabags (the whole bags) , water and sugar (20g). Heat to create a light syrup. Allow the tea bags to steep, releasing as much flavour as possible.

Brush this syrup over the sponge. The more you brush over, the more flavour added, but be careful not to make the sponge soggy.

Cut the sponge into circles appropriate to the size of your chocolate domes. This will be the middle section.

White Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Mousse

Whip the cream with the vanilla bean and place into the fridge.

Melt the chocolate and place to the side.

Make sabayon by placing the egg, the yolk and sugar in a heat proof bowl, placed over warm water. Whisk the egg mixture until thickened and able to hold some shape.

Whist doing this process, bloom the gelatine in cold water, until soft.

When the egg mix has reached the desired texture, add the gelatine.

Mix in the melted white chocolate.

Fold in the whipped vanilla cream.

Set aside for later.

Earl Grey Crumb

Using the crumb method make a shortbread mix. Before the mix completely comes together add the earl grey leaf.

Roll the mixture thinly on to a tray and bake at 165 degrees until firm but no colour is added.

When cooled crush this into a crumb.

The fun bit

It is time to build and plate!

Two top tips: Keep the frozen stuff frozen and work quick but gently.

Take two half domes, secure by placing them on the top of a small cutter, this will keep them sturdy. Place a small amount of mousse (about 10g) into the bottom of both domes. Push in place the frozen puck of jam jelly.

Add another thin layer of chocolate mousse, at the same time filling in any gaps around the jelly.

Add a layer of soaked sponge into both halves.

Apply another thin layer of mousse on top of the sponge, filling in any gaps around the sponge.

To one half add the puck of frozen compote, this should be slightly higher than the dome edge.

Heat the surface of a pan, this is to melt the other half of the dome to seal them together. Only gently touch the chocolate onto the pan, as this is only to melt a very thin layer, to create the seal.

Push both halves together.

Place in the fridge to allow your dome to seal fully, and defrost the contents!

On the plate add the crumb for your sphere to sit on.

Before placing the sphere on the plate, apply the gold leaf and the petals from edible flowers (I use tiny drops of honey to make sure they stay in place).

Gently add the decorated sphere on to the plate.

Place some crumb, next to the sphere for your sorbet to sit on.

Roche the smooth sorbet onto the crumb.

Add any other decoration you would like.

Enjoy with a cup of tea (or a glass of prosecco, if this process has stressed you out!)


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